Bike storage in Montreal

Vélo Urbain offers bike storage in Montreal for the winter season.

Being avid cyclists ourselves, we take care of your bike as if it was our own! Our storage service is the best solution when you have limited space and cannot find anywhere to store your bike over the winter.

You can have your bike stored in a heated, dry and secure place, allowing you to save space at home in the winter season and avoid exposing your bike to the elements.

Keeping your bike safe

Our venue is protected by an alarm system monitored by a 24-hour call center as well as surveillance cameras that store footage for 30 days. Moreover, Vélo Urbain has an insurance policy. Therefore, there is no risk of theft or degradation of your goods.

With both a tune-up and storage, your bike will be ready and good-as-new right when the spring season returns!

We strongly recommend the storage option with included tune-up in order to make sure the bike is in good shape before the season begins not only for the sake of safety but also for the satisfaction of your bike performing optimally.

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  Storage Storage + Tune up
1 bike, November / April $50.00+tx $85.00 +tx


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