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We are told this over and over again. Someone bought a road bike last year, fell in love with the bike and now wants to do a vineyard tour only to be told they got the wrong bike on. To that, we answer NO QUESTION! We threw the 1980s models (which everyone is copying) out the window and then designed a rack that solves the heel clearance and incompatibility issues that arise when attempting to fit racks. traditional on road bikes. Fit a Streamliner® rack on almost any bike, then let your bike do the work for you.

• 10.2mm 6061-T6 tubular aluminum welded to by hand.
• Very strong modular steel legs.
• Durable coating that resists scratches.
• Load capacity: 50kg

System mounting brackets:
• Dropouts that attach to standard quick release * (not included) or traditional eyelets.
• Center bracket can be attached to a brake caliper or mudguard.
• The optional nut axle kit (171356-17) can be used to equip bikes with bolted axles.
* Visit for thru axle solutions.

• Exceptional torsional rigidity. • Fits frames of all materials, including those made from carbon.
• Attaches to standard quick release, as well as eyelet s traditional dropouts.
• Contoured shape that enhances the aerodynamics of the bike and greatly improves its ride by keeping your load close to the center.
• Modular retractable dropouts that maximize heel clearance and are suitable for disc brakes without adding excess width
which can interfere with the handling of the bike.
• The stainless steel center bracket can be bent to fit many types of frames.
• Welds Duals that increase strength and long-term durability.
• Rear dropout bolts can be used as fender brackets.
• Reflector / light mount, frame bolts included
• Lifetime warranty.

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