Buzz Rack BUFFALO H4 bike carrier

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BUFFALO H4, a gentle looking and also strong, solid and reliable, just what you need from a hitch mount bike carrier.
The Buffalo is really a decent piece as well as being the best designed and most user friendly bike carrier.
Better design, better quality, better safety, overall ease of use.

- For 4 bikes
- Completely assembled
- Fits 1-1 / 4 and 2 inch hitches.
- Tilting far enough to access trunk, even with bikes installed.
- The bike frame holders can be adjusted. They have a well padded cradle and easily adjustable rubber straps.
- Two 200cm top quality safety straps provided to hold the bikes together on the bike rack.
- The integrated locking cable ensures secure transport.
- Tested to ISO 15263-4.

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