Kryptonite CHAIN ​​KRYPTOLOK Series 2 955 MINI

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  • Kryptonite high performance 3t manganese steel 9mm four-sided chain links
  • Integrated standby KryptoLok series 2 locking head patent with "heel" deadbolt
  • New pinless , patent pending link design secures the chain to a reinforced deadbolt without "weak" links
  • The new patent pending hybrid cylinder design provides higher levels of picking defense while increasing its ease of use when locking and unlocking (modification while running)
  • NEW keychain design (change in progress)
  • < li> Reinforced deadbolt design provides additional protection against leverage attacks
  • Optional anti-theft protection $ 1,500 for 1 year; extendable up to 2 additional years
  • Weather-resistant nylon handle < /li>
  • Compact roll-up for easy transport
  • Includes 2 ergonomic "I" keys
  • Lifetime key registration and key replacement service available - Key Safe program
  • Security clearance 6/10
  • 21.5 " (55cm) x9.5mm


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