Buzz Rack E-HORNET H3 (3 E-bikes)

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E-HORNET HITCH series offer convenient mounting, user-friendly functions, heavy duty construction for carrying e-bikes. The large wheel support allow stable mounting of tires up to 4″ size. The locking clamp is the perfect solution to attach the bike frame. Simple design, strong and durable.

- The E-HORNET H is a very strong, stable and easy to use rack for transporting heavy electric bikes. - Wheel racks can accommodate all wheelbases (not tandem!), even small children's bikes. - Long rubber padded wheel straps hold tires up to 4" wide; pull to tighten, and use the quick release to loosen. - A loading ramp is available separately. TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS: - Maximum number of bikes: H2: 2 bikes / H3: 3 bikes. - Maximum weight per bike: 30kg (66lbs). - Maximum load capacity: 60kg (132 lbs). - Maximum tire size: 4". - Fits 2": Yes. - Dimensions: H2: 127cm wide x 93cm deep / H3: 127cm wide x 105cm deep. - Weight: H2: 16.5kg (36.5 lbs) / H3: 20.3kg (45 lbs). - Tilt: Yes. - Bicycle rack to lock the car: Yes. - Bicycle lock carrier: Yes.
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