MKS Sylvan Stream argent alliage 9/16″ Pedals

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The Sylvan Stream is a compact double-sided pedal. The cage plate has an aggressive tooth profile to provide grip in any shoe. The Steam accepts toe clips and straps to prevent slipping. We recommend the Sylvan Stream as a standard pedal for urban riding.

The Sylvan pedals are finished with a silver pedal body around a chrome plated axle, and are available with silver or black anodized cage plates.

The Sylvan has remained a steadfast go-to for cyclist over the last four decades.

  • Proven Design
  • User-Serviceable
  • High-Value
  • Cold forged Japanese steel axles
  • Hand-adjusted cup and cone bearing system


Size: W79mm x L61mm 
Weight: 343g

Silver alloy with 9/16" axle

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