Buzz Rack EAZZY rack

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EAZZY H1 / H2 / H3

Fully foldable EAZZY H series offer convenient mounting, user-friendly functions and compact storage. The ratchet cradle is the perfect solution to attach the bike frame. It is also a great solution for carbon frames as it does not apply pressure to the carbon tubes.
- The Eazzy BUZZ RACK is a really well-designed and well-designed piece of kit; smart, sophisticated and very good value for money. - Very easy to fold, which allows easy lifting, easy transport, easy assembly, easy storage in the trunk of the car when you are traveling. - Wheel stands will fit all regular wheelbases, even small kids bikes - The EAZZY is fully suitable for carbon frame bikes; the rubber padded bike frame cradles rotate 360 ​​degrees and again using rubber padded straps they hold any type of tubing firmly but gently. - E-bikes up to 20 kg can be transported, although the Eazzy series is not optimized for e-bikes (see E-Scorpion for e-bikes); downtube size is limited to 75mm diameter (3″) - Assembly: fully assembled TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS - Max number of bikes: H1: 1 bike, H2: 2 bikes, H3: 3 bikes - Maximum weight per bike: 20 kg (44 lbs) - Maximum load capacity: H1: 20kg (44 lbs) / H2: 40kg (88lbs) / H3: 60kg (132lbs) - Maximum tire size: 3.25″ - Maximum bike frame downtube size: diameter 75mm (3″) - Fits 1-1/4'' and 2'' - Dimensions (width x depth): H1: 113 x 75 cm / H2: 111 x 80 x 86 cm / H3: 111 x 100 x 86 cm (measured from the center of the tow ball mount to the outer edge of the license plate mount). - Weight: H1: 7.4 kg (16.3 lbs) / H2: 13 kg (27 lbs) / H3: 18.2 kg (40 lbs) - Tilt: H1: No / H2: Yes / H3: Yes - Bike rack at the receiver: yes - Bicycle lock carrier: yes
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